Lake Tahoe, NV

The incredible hikes of Tahoe—just minutes away

Whether you're a serious hiker or simply like to get out for a relaxing stroll once in a while, there are plenty of trails around Sierra Colina—from scenic walks to more challenging mountain hikes. Here are a few of our favorites!

Cave Rock

A short hike with incredible views, Cave Rock is perfect for the family—including the dog. Getting to the top requires a scramble on a fairly steep incline, so it's probably best for young kids and dogs to stay at the base once you arrive at the rock. With views of the lake pretty much the entire way, it's a great little trip whether you go to the top or not! Drive time from Sierra Colina: About 10 minutes

Van Sickle State Park trailhead

Just a quick walk from the casinos in town, you'll find a serene forest—Van Sickle State Park features accessible trails that range from easy to moderate, with spectacular views of the lake. You can hike, bike, and even ride horses here, and connect with the Tahoe Rim Trail, too. Drive time from Sierra Colina: About 10 minutes

Castle Rock

Like Cave Rock, this trail is short but packs a big payoff: panoramic views of the lake and much, much more. With plenty of westward views, it's a fantastic choice for sunset. And if you're looking for a bit of a challenge, the peak features Class 3 scrambling. Drive time from Sierra Colina: About 10 minutes

Zephyr Cove

This secluded park features several trails meandering through the forest—and beach access just across the street. There's a fitness trail as well as other activities, such as disc golf, a playground, tennis courts, and more. Drive time from Sierra Colina: About 5 minutes

Tahoe Rim Trail Kingsbury South

One of 10 official trailheads on the famed Tahoe Rim Trail (a top-10 trail in the U.S., according to National Geographic), there are several options for day hikes from here. From an easy waterfall hike to a strenuous trek to Star Lake, you'll find a lot to explore. Drive time from Sierra Colina: About 10 minutes.

Mount Tallac

Go all the way to the summit (nearly 5 miles), where the view simply can't be beat. Or just choose the distance that works for you and take in the stunning sights along the southwest shore of Lake Tahoe—because those views are pretty great, too. Drive time from Sierra Colina: About 30 minutes

Hikes with incredible views just minutes from your door.

Two things to consider with a second home: taxes and tech

If you're considering a second home, there are a number of reasons Sierra Colina is an excellent option—from the world-class activities of Lake Tahoe to luxurious finishes and floor plans designed to help you and those you love create memorable experiences.

Those are far from the only considerations, of course: A couple of recent Wall Street Journal pieces noted a few other things you'll want to think about before making such an important purchase, as well as ways you can use technology to your advantage (subscription required to access stories). Here's a sampling of those thoughts, and how Sierra Colina fits with each.

Bigger isn't always better.
"By all means, choose [a second home] that suits your tastes and needs ... but if you want to get your money out of it someday—or even make a profit—you should bear in mind the nature of the second-home market," according to one of the WSJ stories. A home that is too large can be seen as a hassle to maintain, while too much property might turn off buyers who want privacy but not isolation.

Sierra Colina homes range from approximately 2,200 square feet to a little more than 2,800 square feet; spacious enough to spread out, but not so large that you (or anyone else) will feel overwhelmed at the prospect of upkeep.

Location still matters, but in a different way.
Whether you plan to stay forever, hand your home down to family, or sell eventually, the location preferences for second homes are typically more about enjoyment and activities, rather than proximity to school or work. Are you close to the beach? A golf course? Other recreation opportunities? That can make a property more attractive, both for you and for any potential buyers down the road. According to the Journal, 33% of vacation-home sales are in resort areas, and 33% are near a beach.

Sierra Colina is gated and private, but activities and conveniences are just minutes away: A nearby trail leads straight to the beach, with skiing, golf, and more close by, too. Also within a short drive are casinos and nightlife, along with everyday conveniences such as a supermarket, salon and spa, gym, and restaurants.

Location really matters when it comes to taxes.
"Another way to make a second home pay is to make it your first home," the Journal notes. "That is, if your vacation home is in a lower-tax jurisdiction than your main home and you work at home or are retired, you can save money by making it your primary residence."

Sierra Colina is in one of the most tax-friendly states in the U.S.—Nevada has no state income tax, no estate tax, and lower real-estate taxes than many other states. What could that mean for you? We recommend talking to your tax professional to find out.

Tech to the rescue
Authorities in high-tax states, the Journal warns, aren't exactly happy to see residents flee—so if you want to shift your residency, it's important to do it correctly. (Again, it's best to talk to a tax expert regarding this.) And along with standard moves, such as making the second home your main mailing address, registering to vote in the new state, etc., technology can help you make your case. There are mobile apps that will track your movements, showing the amount of time you spend in your new state. A state might not take this as iron-clad proof, but the detail could help you build your case.

Finally, tech also can help you manage a second home remotely, from connected security systems and smart locks to thermostats and lights that can be controlled via the web. These tools can make it much easier to rent your home on a short-term basis, too.

If you think a second home might be the right choice for you, make sure you consider all the things above—and then, make sure you consider Sierra Colina.

Location still matters, but in a different way.

A beautiful trail. A stunning beach. A short walk from home.

There are many wonderful trails in the Lake Tahoe area, but the one that just might become most near and dear to your heart is the one closest to Sierra Colina: The Lam Watah Historic Trail (Rabe Meadows).

This is a meticulously maintained trail, flat and easy to navigate, that leads directly to Nevada Beach. A trail through gentle meadows, tranquil and peaceful, with beautiful wildflowers. A trail perfectly suited for family members of all ages, and the furry family members, too—because the beach is dog-friendly.

And it's a trail with a unique story: Once slated to become the site of a casino, the Nature Conservancy saved the land and donated it to the U.S. Forest Service. There are informational placards along the route that tell the tale and offer historic perspective, providing a different kind of view, but one that is enriching just the same.

About 2 miles if done out-and-back, and approximately 3 miles if hiked as a loop up to the Nevada Beach Campground, this is a trail you'll want to take again and again.

A trail with a unique story.

New federal tax law prompts many to look at low-tax states

New tax laws often require new strategies—and many people in high-tax states, such as California, New York, Connecticut, and others, are considering relocation after the massive changes that began in the 2018 tax year.

Those changes include a reduction in the amount of mortgage interest that can be deducted, the removal of certain itemized deductions, and the elimination of deductions for state and local taxes, all of which are having a significant impact on some households.

"It will soon impact the real-estate markets in [high-tax states] as people realize that their expensive homes are now a whole lot less affordable than they have been," one CPA told Financial Advisor magazine in February.

The change to mortgage-interest deductions in particular is "causing a lot of people to look at relocating their primary residence to states such as Nevada, Texas, Florida, or other states with low income taxes," said a financial advisor speaking to Forbes.

Nevada—an attractive option
It's only natural that people looking to reduce their tax obligations would consider Nevada. Here, the new federal tax law has a much lower impact—the inability to deduct state income tax doesn't matter at all, because Nevada doesn't have one. Property taxes are lower here than in many other states as well, meaning the loss of that deduction doesn't sting as much, either. Additional advantages include the fact that our state has no estate tax, but does have a wealth of financial protections for business owners.

On Nevada's South Shore of Lake Tahoe, there's even more to love: Not only is the tax environment extremely friendly, but the actual environment is as well. With world-class skiing and golf, pristine forests and trails, along with one of the most majestic lakes on the planet, there's simply no better place to enjoy your tax savings.

New federal tax law prompts many to look at low-tax states.

Californians want a lower cost of living—even if that means leaving

More than 50% of Californians who responded to a recent survey said they are considering moving out of the state—mostly due to the high cost of living.

Skyrocketing housing prices are largely driving the discontent, but one expert told CNBC that he thinks the state's tax environment also is going to be a problem going forward. "Taxes are a real killer if you're upper middle class," said Joel Kotkin, a presidential fellow in Urban Futures at Chapman University in Orange, Calif. "There's also concern among people looking to retire and having their income taxed into oblivion."

With a 12.3% marginal tax rate, and the new federal tax law capping deductions for state and local taxes, "State taxes have become a significant factor now," Kotkin said.

Thousands head to Nevada
It's no surprise, then, that between 2007 and 2016 California lost more than 150,000 residents to Nevada, according to the state Legislative Analyst's Office. (Many residents went to other low-tax states, such as Texas).

Even Google statistics reflect this ready-to-leave attitude—according to Curbed, Californians who started typing "Should I" into the search bar in 2018 most commonly followed that with "move out?"

A good question
With tax-friendly Nevada right next door, it's certainly a valid question. Here, there's no state income tax, no estate tax, and real-estate taxes are lower than many other states, too. Does that make it the right move for you? Only you can answer that. But there's no question that financially, owning a home in Nevada can be quite attractive. And when that home is at Sierra Colina? That's what you—and your accountant—might call a win-win.

State taxes have become a significant factor now.

Sierra Colina

A Village to Call Your Own

One of the best things about Sierra Colina is its proximity to activities of all kinds, including the amazing skiing at Heavenly, where ski season has just been extended until early May!

Right at the base of the Heavenly Gondola, though, is Heavenly Village—where you'll feel right at home, and where you'll always find plenty to enjoy, no matter the season.

With more than 40 shops, top-rated restaurants, and entertainment options including an eight-screen cinema and live theater events, it's a unique outdoor experience just minutes away from your door.

And thanks to Tahoe's quaint ambiance, it's far more than an ordinary shopping center.

Walk along cobblestone sidewalks as you take it all in. Watch the ice skaters and miniature golfers, or join in the fun. Pick up some new outdoor gear, or explore hot new fashions. Check out local artists, even treat yourself to a massage. As you'll soon discover, there's something for everyone at Heavenly Village.

For listings of shops and restaurants, maps, and more, visit

You'll always find plenty to enjoy, no matter the season.