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Value of Ownership

Benefits that go beyond recreation.

When it comes to living along Lake Tahoe or owning a vacation home here, you can choose the California side or the Nevada side. Each side has its strong points, but there's a financial component to this decision that many people neglect to consider: taxes.

It's no secret that California residents pay some of our nation's highest taxes—the state is No. 6 in the most recent Tax Foundation listing of state tax burdens (the higher the rank, the higher the burden).

Nevada, meanwhile, ranked No. 43 on that same list, largely because there is no personal income tax in the state, no estate tax, and real-estate taxes are lower than many other areas as well.

Does that make Sierra Colina even more attractive? We certainly think so.

Of course, we are not tax professionals, and cannot offer you tax advice. We recommend that you consult with your accountant or other tax professional before making a purchase decision. For additional information, read: Advantages of Your Nevada Residence.

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Nevada—an attractive option